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  • chevron_rightDoes this site use any kind of tracking devices?
    Absolutely not! We do count unidentified “hits” on the home page, the total number of hits on all pages, and the total number of hits on external links (like the weather).
    When you log in to a secured page, the system creates what is called a "session" cookie with your log in information. That way, you only have to log in one time. The cookie is removed when you exit the site or select the "logout" link on the left (above the menu buttons).
  • chevron_rightSometimes, when I click on a link, nothing happens. What’s wrong?
    Most of the external links on this site open in a new window so that when you're finished with it and close the window, you are returned to our site. Links not opening correctly are most likely caused by a pop-up blocker that is activated either in your browser or as a separate piece of software. To correct the problem, you should configure the browser, or the pop-up blocker software, to recognize our site. Since there are so many options for blocking pop-ups, we can't provide more specific instructions.
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